Lidia Syrwid has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, including: sales, design, staging, consulting, home staging and project managing. She has completed several “gut” renovations of single family homes and investment properties throughout the Chicagoland area and understands the relationship between design choices and construction realities. Lidia’s ability to grasp the uniqueness of each client along with her problem solving skills has helped her in putting together a team of people to aid in the staging and redesigning process. This extensive network of trades people come together under Lidia's leadership to seamlessly move clients into their dream home or to help them prepare their existing home for sale so we can get the best price possible.

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"Lidia was a complete dream to work with when staging my home. She provided so many insights about how to showcase my home's best areas! Her help really took away the stress of selling quickly in a competitive market. Not to mention that she made my home look amazing!"

- Iwona, Deerfield, IL

"I had no idea where to start when I began my home renovation project since I had never tried to take on something so big before, but Lidia took the project head on! She really listened to everything that I wanted in a home and made those dreams a reality. I felt like I simultaneously did not have to lift a finger yet my home looked like something that I personally created. Amazing!"

- Samantha, Chicago, IL

"I have a very demanding schedule so I had no time to plan the decorations for my daughter's high school graduation. Lidia took over the project and gave it a much needed feminine touch. So, even with me being a clueless dad my daughter had a party she could be proud of."

- Alejandro, Highwood, IL

"I’m an architect and general contractor, and I’ve worked with Lidia on several projects over the last few years. I value our professional relationship as we are always able to make beautiful homes together. Furthermore, Lidia and I make a great team in developing ideas together. In addition to several renovations, Lidia has also staged numerous properties for me in the past. I couldn’t recommend her enough!"

- Chris, Chicago, IL

"My friends have a tradition where every year one of us throws a holiday party and this year it was my turn. I usually try to get out of planning big events because I have a crazy work schedule but this year I also had family coming up from Peru so I knew I had to give it a shot. Since it was both family and friends, I decided on a sort of traditional theme with a glam twist. But again since I’m always working I didn’t actually have the time to put all of this together. After some asking around I found Real Estate Solutions Star and thought I’d give Lidia a shot. She took my idea and ran with it, making my vision a reality. My friends and family loved the party, although I wish that I could have taken credit for the decorations!"

- Marina, Chicago, IL

"Lidia was my mentor on my first remodeling, provided the best ideas how to do it, reliable contractors to do the job, very accurate estimates on remodeling. It was pleasure to work with her."

- Hanna, Mt. Prospect, IL

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