Want to put your home's best foot forward?

Home staging services, such as those provided by Real Estate Solutions Star, are an ideal way to emotionally connect buyers to your home. When potential buyers scroll through the photos of a beautifully staged home they can immediately see themselves in the space, which will lead to far more interest and higher offers for you!  Our company specializes in servicing Chicago, the North Shore, and the Northwest Suburbs. Through 25 years of real estate experience, we fully understand the buyer demographic and real estate market for each of the areas we serve.

Want to live in a space you love?

Along with staging, Real Estate Solutions Star provides interior styling, redesign, and room organization services. Whether you are moving into a new space or you feel like your current home needs a reboot, our company will create a space of functional beauty to meet your specific needs.

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Professional Affiliations

Real Estate Solutions Star provides professional home staging services to Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Suburbs.  I am proud to be an HSR Certified professional home stager serving Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Suburbs!  I have successfully completed the most extensive, RESA Accredited, home staging certification course in the world.